Magnetic Separators

CLIMAXX equipment manufactures its own patented line of high efficiency permanent wet drum magnetic separators for recovery of magnetic media, i.e. magnetite or ferrosilicon, in dense medium applications. The CLIMAXX separators feature a wide angle magnet assembly in a tank specially designed to take advantage of the magnet configuration. Recovery of fine magnetite is improved and recovered magnetite or ferrosilicon is discharged from the separator at a higher than normal density.

CLIMAXX separators handle high concentrations of both magnetic and non-magnetic material in the feed without difficulty.

The patented design of the tailings removal system prevents the separator tailings spigots from plugging while the level control in the separator is simplified and cheap cialis active plus online does not require operator attention.

  1. Feed
  2. Greater Arc Radius for Magnets
  3. Magnetics
  4. High-Efficiency Magnetic Design
  5. Submergence Level
  6. Overflow
  7. Weir Bars to Vary Overflow Level
  8. Overflow Products to Tailings (Approx 25%)
  9. Underflow Products to Tailings (Approx 75%)

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