Modular Plants

CLI Corporation offers a complete modular coal preparation plant that solves the problem of erecting a permanent facility when coal operations have to be moved to another location. A CLI Modular Plant can be quickly assembled and disassembled at different sites at less cost than a standard coal preparation facility, thus eliminating an initial large investment that is out of reach of many small tonnage operations.

Constructed on a concrete pad of partially assembled 10' modules, our plants are typically 20' wide x 40' long and 40' high and have capacities of 100 to 150 T.P.H. of clean coal processing per modular unit.

CLI modular plants use highly efficient heavy medium cyclones and CLIMAXX magnetic separators and dewatering screens. These plants could also have coal spirals. Other off-the-shelf components of proven reliability are included to cialis online provide a complete small capacity modular coal prep plant that can be delivered virtually anywhere.

Call CLI engineers to see how we can meet your growing demands for clean coal processing with a CLI Modular Coal Prep Plant.


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