The inherent advantages of dome storage over silo storage are:
Lower Capital Costs
Lower Maintenance Costs
Greater Capacity
Less Chance of Structural Failure
Less Chance of Material Bridging
CLI Corporation is meeting the challenge of the ever increasing emphasis being placed by the coal industry to provide an economical bulk storage system. CLI, by introducing innovative designs of the "DOME" storage concept, can design and build concrete domes with capacities of between 10,000 and 90,000 tons per dome.

Illustration A is one of two dome designs that CLI is presently offering to the industry. This particular 60,000 ton capacity design would be utilized where depth and/or height restrictions are present.

The photograph is of a 50,000 ton capacity clean coal dome for Obed Mountain Coal Company, a subsidiary of Union Oil in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This dome is 180 feet in diameter with 90 feet above the ground and buy xenical online the portion below ground level (Glory Hole) extends to a depth of 90 feet.


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