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The CLI Group consists of three core companies: CLI Corporation, providing engineering, design, consulting and construction management; Homer City Coal Processing Corporation, providing contract management for the operation of the Penelec Homer City coal processing facility; and Climaxx Equipment Company, providing process equipment sales and services. 


CLI Corporation was founded in 1987 as a consulting and design engineering company. Since 1987, CLI Corporation has expanded to include operations management and equipment sales. CLI Corporation has provided both domestic and international services to clients in the coal and generic viagra online mineral industries.

The executive corporate staff are:

William C. Stein, Jr, President / Director / Principal
David Hartley, General Manager Operations / Director


CLI Corporation is staffed to provide turnkey engineering, design and operating services. Our process engineers are highly specialized in particle versus particle and particule versus liquid separation utilizing gravity and or surface chemistry. Through the use of computer simulations and experience, the equipment and structural design necessary to achieve efficient results are developed. Typical processes designed include gravity separation of coal, ash and sulfur, waste water treatment of mineral process tailings, clarification of process water for recirculation, chemical leaching, solid-liquid separation of magnetite and non-magnetite fines, solid-liquid separation by flotation, flocculation and aeration and solid-liquid separation by dewatering only.
CLI Corporation provides turnkey project management and post-construction contract plant management. 


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